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When customers know exactly what they’re getting, there’s reason to act today and tomorrow.

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Is your company a champion, an adventurer, a charmer, artisan? Brand personalities make all the difference. Through a standardized psychological survey taken from the Five Factor Personality Model—the world’s benchmark— BrandTruth® helps define what makes your brand unique.

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Define your brand truth through decades of proven psychological research.

We’ll begin the defining process by taking you through our Factor survey, a questionnaire used by psychologists to establish your brand’s place in one of the five personality categories—what experts refer to as the Five Factor Model. Brand identity versus brand image? It’s much deeper than that—it’s brand truth.


flowery symbol for Creative

You’re ready to broaden your horizons beyond and above—because the sky isn’t the limit, just step one. Welcome to the world of the creative brand.


brain symbol for Mindful

You have goals, both short and long term. Much more than that, you have the foundation, the plans underneath to achieve them. You are a mindful brand.


quote bubbles for Sociable

Mingling is never business, only pleasure. You’re a sociable brand, happy to engage and enjoy company, whether it’s as intimate as a family reunion or as large as a corporate convention.


Warrior helmet for Resolute

You’re unwavering, set in your ways, no ifs ands or buts—whether calm or confrontational, diligent or disruptive, what they see is what they get.


connected circle symbol for Agreement

Let’s do our best to bring everyone together. Where’s the common ground? What’s the best solution for the most people? Being agreeable is your brand’s highest priority.

Survey screen capture of question and opinions
Screen capture of BrandTruth survey experience
Head chart showing breakdown
One Mind
Heart chart showing breakdown
One Heart
Pie chart showing breakdown
One Value
Survey screen capture of question and opinions

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